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My only goal : To help you make your health your ally at every stage of your life.

Suffering from fibromyalgia, endometriosis and functional colopathy, to name but a few, it took me years to figure out how to balance my well-being, strengthen my body and allow it to accumulate more strength and youth than it could have hoped for. It's important to me to make your health a strength, whether you have a particular pathology or not. Give yourself the chance to truly experience the sensation of living with absolute well-being

What you need to know

This masterclass is very important for us women. We've all been confronted with situations that have infected and impacted our uterus in one way or another. But are you freeing your uterus from its energetic burdens? Are you helping it to heal from its traumas? Are you aware of the power that lies within you, and that the more you enrich it, the higher it will carry you?

You'll learn in concrete terms how to unburden yourself, and why it's so important. Your life will never be the same


PART 1 :

  • What is the link between the Womb and Energy?
  • Why is it important to cleanse?
  • What trauma can be cleansed: sexual assault, ex-partner, transmission of mother/child, trauma, abortion, miscarriage, pregnancy, uterine disease, psychological, emotional and energetic fragility, etc.?

PART 2 :

  • Prepare your body for healing
  • 5 ways to purify + protocol
  • Vaginal Steam bath + plants
  • Energy shower
  • Meditation and externalization + fired breath
  • Fumigation
  • Crystals
  • How to care for your womb and it's energies after treatment

Access to the plateform and much more :

  • Masterclass video
  • Full protocol
  • My personnal womb routine
  • A dozen of content to support your healing

This Online Masterclass is for you if :

  • If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions and energies
  • if you've experienced trauma and haven't been able to learn how to free yourself from it
  • If you want to discover who the real woman inside you is
  • If you want to discover what you can create, do and achieve with your energy
  • If you want to take possession of your power and heal yourself
  • If you want to protect yourself and all yours sisters, daughters, friends, aunts etc... Sisterhood

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